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Service Hotline :
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Intelligent Tool Cabinett Operattion Demo

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Intelligent tool cabinet,  is a smart station appliance product independently developed by Longwell in 2015. it's a smart item management device, Combined with modern automatic control technology "computer information management technology" and so on,
It consists of a box, a controllable drawer, an automatic control circuit, a computer management system, a display touch screen and an identification system. It can automatically record the tool (material) in and out of the library information, greatly simplifying the process of manually managing the storage tool and improving the automation. , can share information.
High reliability, meet the strict requirements of tools, widely used in aviation, aerospace, power, communications and other industries.

Powerway-Longwell Tool cabinet, intelligent tool cabinet, to help customers realize the all-around control of the workshop materials, reduce inventory and labor costs, improve inventory turnover and work efficiency.

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