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Service Hotline :
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ESD workbench

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  • ESD workbench

    Useful operation workbench,applicable to the electronic industry and places where there are strict requirements for static electricity.


    Powerway Workbench Features:

    • Powerway workbench are designed to meet today’s demanding work place requirements

    • Disassembly is simple, as is moving fully loaded cabinets

    • The modular characteristics of the workbench provide many different work place options.

    • when relocation becomes necessary, moving the modular workbench is easy

    • Any modular workbench can be added when expansion becomes necessary

    • To meet your specific workbench needs, simply select the exact storage components and work surface that match your requirements

    •The workbench can be equipped with lamps, slide rails, bottom partitions, hanging boards and accessories to meet various functions.

    • Heavy duty workbench with optional vise, fixture equipment

    • Available in different heights, depths and widths


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